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Zim-ex inc.
1965 rue de Bergerville Quebec Quebec G1S 1J7 Canada
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Pierre Julien , President

Zim-ex inc.

Selling Lead

Tropical fruit juice concentrates.

[ Updated: 2019/03/04 ]
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Tropical fruit juice concentrates.

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- We are glad to advise that the Food Division of our Agricultural and Animal Dpmt, has recently finalized all agreements, and we have now incorporated the largest three manufacturing plants in Brazil for frozen tropical fruit juices, concentrates and pulps.
- They have also just restarted our export of pure bee honey, from different flowers ex Brazil, Uruguay and Argentina.

- Our main items in this product line are the following:
     - Middle Acai.
     - Acerola pulp.
     - Acerola concentrate juice 20% brix.
     - Acerola concentrate clarified juice 30% brix.  
     - Pineapple concentrate jiice 60% brix.
     - Mango pulp.
     - Passionfruit pulp.
     - Passionfruit concentrate juiice 50% brix.
     - Melon concentrate juice 36% brix.
     - Melon concentrate clarified juice 50% brix.
     - Cashew concentrate juice 36% brix.
     - Cashew concentrate clarified juice 65% brix.
     - Graviola pulp.
     - Cupuacu pulp.
     - Guava pulp.

- Our production and availabilities for each of the items above will deppend on crops and previous commitments, but total production
is about 1,600 MT/month considering all them toghther and all
types, out of which 80% exclusively sold by us to export markets.

- We have several packings, but in principle we are more interested
to export our frozen juices and concentrates in drums.

- All specifications/analysis, data sheet for each product will be sent
to you upon your inquiry and specific request.
Please contact us at pjulien@zim-ex.com
Best Regards,
Pierre Julien

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Company Zim-ex inc.
Address 1965 rue de Bergerville Quebec Quebec G1S 1J7 Canada
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