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Selling Lead

Sell Sorbitol powder and Liquid

[ Updated: 2019/03/04 ]
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Crystalline sorbitol
Appearance:White powder or granular
Assay,% = 99
Sorbitol content, % = 98.0
Total sugar, % = 0.3
Reducing sugar, % = 0.1
Packaging: 25 kgs bags

• Dentifrices
As humectant, viscosity and bodying agent for pastes or gels dentifrices.

• Medicinal Chemistry
Vitamin C (ascorbic acid) is mainly semi-synthetised from sorbitol by fermentation process by Baccillus suboxydant.

• Pharmaceuticals
In oral or topical preparation, it is used as humectant, sweetener, bodying and viscosity agent, vehicle, anti-caplocking and texture improvement. In other case, sorbitol is useful to promote the absorption of certain minerals such as Cs, Sr, F and vitamins B12. In high concentration, sorbitol is a stabiliser for unstable vitamins and antibiotics.

• Toiletries-Cosmetics
As humectant or emollients, viscosity agent and to promote stability of goods. It has wide usage in shampoo, astringent, and other emulsion system of cosmetics.

• Foods and Beverages
As sweeteners and humectant, either on diabetics or dietetics purpose.

• Chemical Industries

Surfactant Industries
Sorbitol gives most contributions in synthetic surfactants (surface active agents), such as Polyoxyethylene Sorbitan FattyAcid Esters and Sorbitan FattyAcid Esters.

Polyurethane Industries
Sorbitol, together with other polyhydric alcohols such as glycerol, is one of the ingredients in alkyl resins and rigid polyurethane foams manufacturing.

• Other Applications
In tobacco industries, sorbitol may give mild effect in sniff, good humectant agent, and is also to avoid acrolein formation which formed in burned glycerine.
In textile industries, sorbitol is used as softener and colour stabiliser, and as softener in leather industries.
Valid Until 2010/01/25

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